How to unf*ck finance?

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The company

WechselGott users save €200 per year on property insurance, electricity and gas bills.

WechselGott (German: God of switching contracts) is a German FinTech startup that was founded by our good friend Werner Kräutlein in October 2018. This project has a special meaning to us because it marks the beginning of our collaboration.

WechselGott’s goal is to make finances simple and easy with their hassle-free contract management solution.

The Volksbank Mittweida and 2bAHEAD were the first venture capitalists to invest about €300,000 into WechselGott. Since then, the company has been growing rapidly. They have hired over 40 employees and received further investments of over €5.6 million.


Timo Morawitz:

  • Web Development
  • App Development

Karsten Kreh,
Yvonne Vogt:

  • App Design
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development



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WechselGott is a progressive webapp that works on any browser and device and is also available as a Native App on the Google Playstore and the AppStore.


The Project

In collaberation with the WechselGott team, we created a website and application that are performant and highly-scalable despite high traffic. Furthermore, they fulfill the strict safety requirements of the finance industry.

We developed WechselGott’s corporate design from scratch and refined it over the years. At the beginning, we mainly focussed on a simple and functional frontend, recently our focus shifted towards a unique, provocative and colorful design that makes the experience on the WechselGott app special.

WechselGott is a place where all your finances find a neat and organised home.

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The Challenge

Insurance binders?
Printed contracts?
That’s so 2010.

Our biggest challenge with this project was to bundle this huge amount of information such as contracts, powers of attorney and insurance policies, and presenting them in a clear and simple way. In an industry and country that love paper, we had to find completely new ways.

Designprojekt WechselGott Mockup Handyapp Versicherung einscannen

the Approach

Since we wanted to stir up the old-fashioned financial industry and provoke in a playful way, we and the WechselGott team went for the spicy name WechselGott (German for: God of Switching Contracts) and opted for bright and friendly colors, color gradients and joyful illustrations.

Since WechselGott not only offers their services to consumers, but also collaborates with partners such as the Volks- and Raiffeissenbanken, other banks and insurance service providers, we created the design system in such a way that it can be adapted to any color and picture world within minutes.

Illustrations Branding WechelGott Mobile

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