Among these goodies you will find helpful tips for your web project and templates for designers who want to get creative themselves.

Your website should definitely meet these requirements

Regardless of whether you do the work yourself or outsource it, you should pay particular attention to these points when creating your website.

Our design template for the design community

For designers: this is our specially created responsive wireframe template. We have affectionately christened it our ”primordial soup” because all our websites spring from it.

Improve your site with these tools

How well does your site perform in terms of SEO, IT security or accessibility? Is your site safe from warnings, or does it violate the DSGVO? With these free tools you can put your website to the test and optimise it.


Seobility gives you a detailed overview of which parameters of your page you need to improve to achieve a better SEO ranking.


This plugin is available for the Chrome browser and gives you a rough evaluation of your SEO ranking, your page load times, whether your website is accessible and whether you have followed best practices in security and implementation.


This tool shows you if your website is DSGVO compliant and if not, what you need to specifically improve to achieve that.

Security Headers

Security headers make your website safer from hackers because they make it much harder to manipulate page content.

Extract pics

Use this tool to display an overview of all images used. You can sort them by file size and identify those image files that affect your load times the most.

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