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Lorem Ipsum Finanz

Creating a corporate design and digital presence for an independent financial advisory firm

The company

“We don't talk about money!” - this dogma Lorem Ipsum Finanz wants to break with

Independent. Blunt. - These words describe Lorem Ipsum Finance extremely well. They have no hidden partnerships and can therefore choose exactly what suits their customers best from all the financial products on the market.


Timo Morawitz:

  • Web Development

Sophia Morawitz:

  • Copywriting

Karsten Kreh:

  • App Design
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design



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The Challenge

The challenge was to present the "boring" topic of finance in an appealing way without losing seriousness.


At Lorem Ipsum, we were able to start on a blank canvas. So we designed the entire corporate identity, from the logo to the business cards to the website.

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Lorem Ipsum stands is a place for the customer because the company does not want to distinguish itself with its name. In the same way, money is just a placeholder for the wishes you can fulfill with it.

With their various patterns and sparkling security features, banknotes are a work of art in themselves. We have taken up these elements in our design.

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