Webdesign and conception of the app design for a crypo-tradingbot, that even your granny can use.

Designprojekt RobOtter Hero Mockup

The company

Train your RobOtter within minutes.

RobOtter enables its users to develop better strategies for trading cryptocurrencies. The software is designed to create machine learning models without a single line of code. Users can configure their own AI trading RobOtter and train it based on real prices of different cryptocurrencies.


Timo Morawitz:

  • Frontend Development
  • Web Development

Karsten Kreh:

  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design



Designprojekt RobOtter Mockup Webdesign

The Challenge

Since the product is still in the development phase, a digital presence should be created to inform potential investors and make future customers aware of RobOtter.

For this, in addition to a website that could reveal enough but not too much about the project, RobOtter required a proper branding. This also included the creation of initial mockups to establish a design line for the user interface design.


At the beginning of the collaboration, the project was still in its infancy, which is why we had the pleasure of starting on a greenfield site and could use all of our creativity.

We were only too happy to take up the founder's original idea of RobOtter as a mascot fishing out the right data sets from an ocean of data in the design.

Configure, train and optimise your own trading bot with one click; all without writing a single line of code.


Dark theme, bright colours and gradients, technical imagery; these design features from the crypto world should of course be reflected in this project and thus assign it to its industry in terms of visual language.

Designprojekt RobOtter Otter

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